Products and Services

KBEN is an independent Indonesia engineering and project management consultancy, provides services to clients involved in power projects and energy projects, with professional support from our engineers and experts that have over 35 years track record of delivering successful projects throughout Indonesia. We help clients to achieve their goals by utilizing our resources and access to local companies, state-owned enterprises, government and institutions of Indonesia.

Currently we focus on the power sector and energy sector, and in particular provide services on:

  • Power Plant Development:
    • Coal Power Plant
    • Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plant
    • Mini Hydro Power Plant
    • Solar Power
  • Independent Power Producer (IPP)
  • Power Grid and Transmission Facilities Development:
    • EHV and HV overhead lines
    • Substation EHV and HV for conventional type and GIS types
  • Gas Infrastructure & Facilities:
    • CNG and Pipeline Gas
    • Mini LNG development
    • Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU)

Our Involvements and Projects:

  • Currently, we support Mitsubishi Corporation in pursuing a large scale 800 MW gas fired combined cycle power plant in the Capital City, Jakarta. The plant scheduled to COD in year of 2018/19.

  • Currently we provide expert to PT.Pertamina (Indonesia State Owned Oil and Gas Company) as resource person to assist them in seeking several new units of gas fired power plant projects and establishing a new power company.

  • Provide advices and assistances to SUMEC Complete Equipment & Engineering Co.LTD, one of China's leading state-owned enterprises, in acquiring and implementing the EPC project 2 x 27.5 MW Steam Coal Power Plant, situated in Gorontalo Province, Sulawesi. Construction implementation is in progress now and COD scheduled in mid year of 2016.

  • Support and provide services to a reputable local marine company studying and seeking opportunities for the development of FSRU throughout Java and Sumatra islands; and also for Mini LNG plant facilities especially aims at serving small scatter power plants situated on the remote places of Indonesia's archipelago.

  • Investigating the development of several potential Mini and Micro Hydro Power Plant in Indonesia, in cooperation with Hunan Allonward Hydro-Generating Equipment Co., Ltd., China, since 2011; and currently collaborate with PT.Puri Hydro, an aggressive and dynamic developer of mini-hydro power plant from local.

  • Investigating and conduct a study for refurbishment project of an old existing 400 MW steam power plant in Java. Main objectives are to rehabilitate major parts of the steam power plant for life extension and to improve its fuel costs efficiency, and develop a sound business scheme of project comply with Indonesia's rules and regulations.

  • In year 2013-2014, KBEN provided support to KEPCO - UHDE INC in the development of Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) project in Indonesia. The SNG plant project will use abundant low rank coal available in domestic as feedstock that was designed with SNG's production capacity of 1.1 Million Tons per-year.

  • Pre-Feasibility Study of Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) with KEPCO Engineering & Construction was completed in April 2013. The Study was based on PRENFLO gasification process and has covered among others: the site selections, market survey and identify potential off-takers of the SNG, sources of coal feed stock, investigate the environments of sites alternative, and analyze the economic aspects.